Form-in-place (FIPG) gaskets or Cure-in-place (CIP) liquid gasket application technology

Form-in-place liquid gaskets are increasingly used to reduce necessity in various sizes and shapes of the gaskets and to make better sealing properties of the gaskets, making them seamless.


FIPG technology is widely used in automotive industry, electronic industry, electricity and lightening where required to reach a high sealing properties and IP protection.

One of the main field is a manufacture of the electric cabinets, distribution boxes (DB boxes), electric enclosures. The doors of the boxes have different sizes and different dimensions of PU foamed sealing are required. It is possible to change dimensions of the cure-in-place gaskets in the range of 6mm to 20mm and modify density of the gaskets, depending of the doors dimensions and sealing properties in order to reach comfortable opening and closing of the doors of electric DB boxes with saving insulating requirements.
Our machinery can be equipped with three-component PU applying system, in case of production the doors of electric enclosures with glass windows. It is possible to apply both PU foam gasket and 2-component PUR glue to stick glass window in the same FIPG technological process. Manufacturers of PU adhesive system offer solution where used two components A (A and C) and common component B. Our machine can apply seamless foamed PU gasket by mixing A and B, and thixotropic 2-component PUR by mixing C and B to bond glass to steel.

FIPG technology is widely used in the street lamp housing production, where design of the outdoor lamp post lanterns requires 3D applying. Our machinery is equipped with 3D moving system, controlled with SIEMENS CNC operation system, allowing to reach accurate applying liquid polyurethane gaskets with high speed. Gluestream machinery can be installed in manufacturing lines, connected with any types of robotic arms and manipulators. PU formed-in-place gaskets have a high curing speed, allowing to work in fully automatic mode.

We know how important an environment is and we created our machinery with a water cleaning system to decrease using solvents in a mixing head cleaning.

Our engineers improve our machinery each day to provide our customers with high quality FIPG machinery.

You can discover Gluestream machinery for FORM-IN-PLACE GASKET APPLYING TECHNOLOGY FIPG precision applying, mixing and technology right here below:


Polyurethane seamless gasket CNC applying machine for electric enclosures


Two-component polyurethane sealant CNC applying machine