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    Automatic SIPs manufacturing line

    ASPL-10.M is designed for automatic manufacturing SIPs sandwich panels, consisting of

    • Portal type mobile adhesive extruder SPL-10M; 
    • Motorized automatic roller conveyor;
    • Automatic distribution platform;
    • Press Station, consisting of several P-type presses with motorized roller conveyor.
    • Control cabinet, based on Siemens controller.
    • Glue pump station.

    The line is intended for gluing in any combinations of metals, PVC sheet, OSB boards, MgO boards, fibre-cement boards, particleboards and other materials with different types of core materials, such as expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, PU, mineral wool, etc.

    Adhesive applicator KAM-PRO series is equipped with two-way pneumatic valves and a special tray, which is filled with a plasticizer to prevent starting of adhesive reaction inside the nozzles of the applicator. The shutter tray closes automatically, in case of the power failure or machine stop more than one minute (this option can be adjusted according with the Open Time of the used adhesive). Also, it can be closed in manual way by pressing the appropriate key on the control panel.

    GLUESTREAM precision specialized adhesive dosing pumps:

    In our machinery we use specialized adhesive dosing pumps. Pumps are made of special metal with high-precision surface treatment of the working areas, radial and axial gaps between the working parts are not more than 6 microns. Our pumps do not have sealing rings, gaskets, bushings, bearings that makes them almost unbreakable.

    Dosing rate adjustments are ruled by frequency converters. When the viscosity of adhesive is changing, the torque rate of the pump will be corrected automatically to meter the exact amount of the glue, leveling its viscosity difference (±5 g/m2).

    The adhesive applying is provided by jets with step 8-10mm. The gluing width can be changed: with step 100mm – by valves; with step 10mm – by replacement the jet to the cover (in 1 minute). Jets are made of PTFE.

    During the machine’s standby the adhesive jets are closed automatically by the tray with shutter liquid. This prevents the adhesive polymerization on the jets. The adhesive applying occurs in Start/Stop mode.

    After finishing the pressing of panels they are transferred automatically in the unloading zone where the panels are taken with a folk-lifter.

    Pump station is designed for adhesive feeding from the main tank to the applying node. It consists from the frame for IBC container installing, or 200L drum and gear dosing pump system. For adhesive feeding the chemical resistant high-pressure pipesare used.

    The line may be completed with Jib-Cranes, operated with one worker.

    All Gluestream machinery is equipped with a remote access module, providing the customer with 24/7 online internet support.

    Please, contact us if you need to get our technical support and we will share our knowledge with you. Our team has a great experience in adhesive technology, gained over the years.

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