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    FLM-1100 1-C PUR SPRAY


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    Cleaning sponges production line with solvent free 1-C PUR spraying system

    Line is designed for the manufacturing of cleaning sponges with usage of one-component polyurethane, humidity reactive, solvent free spraying technology.

    There are such advantages, as:

    - solvent free adhesive technology;

    - low glue consumption;

    - safety for the personal;

    - low glue cost;

    - lower machinery cost in comparison with PUR HOT MELT technology.

    There are such disadvantages over PUR hot melt technology:

    - it is required to use number of presses depending on the production capacity;

    - more production area is required;

    - cleaning of the applying heads right after using.

    FLM-1100 consists of:

    1.Roll unwinding unit;

    2.Belt conveyor;

    3.Adhesive applying unit with movable spraying heads;

    4.Glue Pump Station;

    5.Control system based on SIEMENS PLC;

    6.Heating tunnel;

    7.Inclined table for elastic polyurethane foam boards feeding;

    8.Roller press;

    9.Output table.

    The glue is supplied by a high-precision metering pump, applying a precisely defined amount of glue, regardless the changing of the adhesive viscosity and allowing to use of various types of one-component polyurethane adhesives in accordance with the required technological process.

    All Gluestream machinery is equipped with a remote access module, providing the customer with 24/7 online internet support.


    Please, contact us if you need to get our technical support and we will share our knowledge with you. Our team has a great experience in adhesive technology, gained over the years.