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    Roll coating Hot-Melt PUR laminating line

    Hot melt PUR laminating line is designed for flat lamination of many types of sheet materials such as HPL, PVC, PP, MDF, aluminum, zinced steel sheets with PVC decorative foil by using hot-melt polyurethane (PUR) adhesives.

    Adhesive applying unit consists of heated rollers with precision adjustment of applied glue. Machine can be equipped with additional premelting station to provide extra productive efficiency or can be used without melting station for 1.5-3 m/min speed rates.

    Machinery design consists of such parts as:

    - Primer processing automatic station;

    - Heating and drying tunnel; 

    - Hot Roll applicator;

    - Decorative foil applying system with a heated roller press;

    - Protective foil applying unit;

    - Feeding and receiving tables.

    Liquid primer processing station is equipped with automatic control system, that adjusts the duration and frequency of primer applying.

    Heated tunnel provides evaporation of the liquid components of the primer and heating the laminated sheets up to required by the technological process temperatures.

    Single sided roll coater is equipped with a heated dosing and applying rollers, designed for PUR Hot Melt applying technology.

    Decorative film applying unit consists of heated rollers for pressing the film and a film positioning system to provide the accurate application of film on the sheets. The rolls of the film are fixed with pneumatic clamps and it is possible to adjust a tension force of the film.

    Control system of the line receives the information about the technological process from the sensors, allowing the operator to control and adjust all necessary parameters. PVC laminated sheets are widely used for production of PVC sandwich panels, which are used in PVC or aluminum doors manufacturing.

    Laminated zinced steel sheets are used for the entrance steel doors production and could be under further treatment (bending, punching or laser cutting) without any damage of the decorative film.

    All Gluestream machinery is equipped with a remote access module, providing the customer with 24/7 online internet support.


    Please, contact us if you need to get our technical support and we will share our knowledge with you. Our team has a great experience in adhesive technology, gained over the years.