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    Universal band cutting saw for MGO SIPs with automatic conveyor and measurement system with 0-45 degree inclination

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    Universal band cutting saw for MGO SIPs with automatic conveyor and measurement system with 0-45 degree inclination

    Panel sizing band saw is designed for 0-45 degree cutting of SIPs with OSB, MGO (Magnesium Oxide Boards), Fibre Cement boards, Green Boards and other fibre reinfroced materials, which cannot be cut with specialized circular cutting blades.

    Main benefits of the Band Saw compared with Circular Saw:

    1. No need of extra expensive vacuum aspiration unit, less dust, less noise: The width of band saw blade is 2-3mm, instead of 8-10mm of circular blade (800-900 diameter). This means that the volume of the dust and chips to be extracted with aspiration unit is 3 times less, excludes the need to purchase extra-high output vacuum aspiration unit, which can cost equal to the price of the cutting machine for SIPs;

    2. More cutting thickness of the panel on the entire 0-45 degrees: The maximum diameter of the circular cutting blade, which is available on the market for this specialized purpose is 900mm and this diameter follows the fact, that the maximum thickness of the panel which can be processes at 45 degree angle is 320mm. The maximum thickness of the panel which can be cut by band saw in whole range of 0-45 degrees is 400mm and can be even more;

    3. More safe and applies to European safety regulations: Band cutting blades have less inertia as the weigth of the cutting blade is less than circular blade spreaded by whole cycle of the drive and its easier to provide emergency stop during full output performance. As well as less weigth and inertia of the blade requires less power of drives, less power consumption;

    4. More reliable and cheap spares: band saw blade has more cutting contact length and surface than circular blade, which means it has less chances to be overheated and damaged during cutting, as well as the band cutting blades we use are desinged to cut the concrete and stone slabs.

    More features:

    - Interlocked perimeter guard around the back of the saw; 

    - Electronic brake motor; 

    - Emergency stops at the edges of the feed-table;

    Cutting band saw is equipped with a dust collection system and can be optionally equipped with Jib Crane for loading and unloading of the panels.

    All Gluestream machinery is equipped with a remote access module, providing the customer with 24/7 online internet support.

    Please, contact us if you need to get our technical support and we will share our knowledge with you. Our team has a great experience in sandwich panel production and cutting technology, gained over the years.