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    Refrigerated (isothermal) truck body panels production line

    2-Component PUR adhesive applying machine Gluestream SPL-11 2C VAN CONSOLE is designed for manufacturing of truck body refrigerated sandwich panels. The line can be combined with the several vacuum presses from both side of the applying machine.

    GLUESTREAM SPL-11 2C VAN CONSOLE consists of:

    - Two-component PUR adhesive applying unit;

    - Pump station;

    - Needed amount of vacuum presses.

    Adhesive applying machine is made in a form of movable carriage, installed on rails, with a turn able on 180-degree console, where adhesive applying unit is located. Glue applying machine moves automatically between vacuum presses with max dimensions 3000x13000mm, applying adhesive on the layers of the panel.

    Mixing the PUR adhesive components is performed in the static mixer immediately before the application. Applying head is made of special materials. It is easy to clean it after the usage.

    Pump station, which is equipped with precision dosing pumps, provides a high accuracy of mixing and dosing the components of the PUR adhesive system. Pump station is located on the movable platform together with main tanks of Component A (1000L IBC) and Component B (200L drum).  

    All Gluestream machinery is equipped with a remote access module, providing our customers with 24/7 online internet support.


    Please, contact us if you need to get our technical support and we will share our knowledge with you. Our team has a great experience in adhesive technology, gained over the years.